Are you always tired? Do you often feel like you don’t have the energy to complete daily tasks, much less exercise? Low energy is a common problem, in fact approximately one-third of adults report feeling fatigued on a regular basis.

A variety of things can cause fatigue, but more often than not, it’s usually caused by lifestyle choices. Many of the common causes of tiredness can be solved by adjusting habits that are diminishing your wellness.

Adopting new, healthier habits is a process that takes time, effort, and dedication, but it is worth the reward of feeling great, so don’t hesitate.

Here are five possible reasons you may feel tired with solutions to level up your wellness, help you combat fatigue, and get your energy back!


  1. Diet and Nutrition

What you eat and how often you eat is either helping or hurting your energy levels. Skipping meals, eating fast food, and snacking on refined carbohydrates and sugar leads you to feel fatigued and lethargic.

An easy way to get your energy back is to overhaul your diet. Replace sugar and refined carbs with healthier whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. Good nutrition will improve your energy output, brain power, and physical wellbeing. Staying on track with healthy eating takes planning and often requires a bit more time in the kitchen, cooking, and doing meal prep. Eat to fuel your brain power and boost your immune system to keep you feeling sharp and vibrant.

  1. Sleep Deprived

Lack of sleep or poor quality sleep takes a toll on your mood, immune system, mental health, and ability to focus. Sleep deprivation causes low productivity and weakens your immune system. Be sure your bedroom is dark and cool, and turn off all electronic devices, including phones and TVs.

Maintain a consistent sleep schedule to support healthy energy levels and keep your immune system operating at full capacity to protect your health. Practice relaxing techniques to unwind and prepare yourself for sleep, such as reading a book, taking a warm bath, or meditating. If you experience frequent or occasional restlessness, have a serving of Pure Sleep a half hour before bed for deep quality sleep to restore energy.


  1. Compromised Immune System

Sometimes our tiredness can be the cause of a compromised immune system or a vitamin deficiency. If your body is fighting off invaders or not getting enough vitamins, your system could be running on overdrive and exhausting resources. Low levels of vitamin D, B-12, iron, potassium, or magnesium can all cause fatigue. 

To ensure your immune system is supported for optimal energy and whole body wellness, ensure you are eating a balanced diet and supplementing with vitamins and getting enough sleep. Give your immune system fuel and extra support when you need an energy lift.


  1. Lifestyle and exercise

Lack of exercise can leave you feeling tired and sleepy. Exercise helps us metabolize energy more efficiently and helps convert food into energy. Researchers analyzed 70 studies on exercise and fatigue. These involved more than 6,800 people. In over 90% of these studies it was found that regular exercise improved fatigue when compared to groups that did not exercise.

Engaging in some form of daily activity can boost your energy levels. Even incorporating as little as 20 minutes a day a few times per week can make a difference in how you feel during the day. Start incorporating physical activities into your day, such as walking, stretching, and full-body workouts to feel more energetic.


  1. High Stress

Too much stress depletes your energy and can cause all sorts of ailments such as headaches, digestive issues, sleep trouble, and fatigue. Chronic stress can cause your body to go into fight-or-flight mode, which causes an increase in cortisol and adrenaline. This type of response is not concerning when it happens occasionally, but when it becomes chronic, it can take a big toll on your body, leaving you feeling exhausted all of the time. Learning to manage the stress in your life can help you improve your energy levels and make a difference in how you feel.

There are numerous ways you can relieve stress and manage stressors in your daily life. For example, practice time management, prioritize obligations, and use positive self-talk and stress-reducing techniques such as deep breathing and meditation.

During stressful times, if you are experiencing imbalances in your mood, sleep, appetite, or health, Pure Hemp CBD extracts are a great way to support your endocannabinoid system. By naturally regulating these functions, your body can return to balance and in turn improve your energy levels.