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Our subscription program is designed with you in mind. With a variety of strengths and methods of application, you can get what supports you best, in whatever way you find most in line with your lifestyle!

Monthly Deliveries For Less

Each month, get our lab-tested CBD products delivered to your door, for 25% less than our online prices. All you need to do is order once, and you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your monthly delivery of Pure Hemp Botanicals products.

Softgels – Our new Pure Balance CBD Hemp Oil Softgels provide the perfect means for ingesting high-grade cannabidiol in the convenience of a smoothly contoured, easy-to-swallow softgel. These vegetarian softgels are made from a carrageenan-based gel derived from red seaweed, and are filled with organic coconut oil as the extract carrier.

Full Spectrum Tincture – One of our most popular products! Our Pure Balance Full Spectrum CBD Tincture line up encompasses 4 different strenghts from 300mg to 3,000mg! Tinctures allow for customized, precise dosing in a fast-absorbing formula. Carefully formulated using pure refined hemp oil, Pure Hemp Botanicals tincture has a smooth natural hemp flavor perfect for under the tongue application. Our Tincture is a quick and convenient way to enjoy hemp extract.

Broad Spectrum Tincture  – Our Pure Balance Broad Spectrum CBD Tincture line up encompasses 2 different strenghts from 750mg to 1,500mg. These tinctures have non-dectectable levels of THC and still support the “entourage effect” with all the other non-psychoactive cannabinoids.

Our Pure Balance Hemp Extract Tinctures are created by infusing pure hemp seed oil with our full spectrum hemp extract. Our Broad Spectrum go through additional refining. By using whole plant extract, Pure Hemp Botanicals Tincture offers a wide array of naturally occurring cannabinoids and plant terpenes, along with either 300mg, 750mg, 1500mg, or 3000mg of cannabinoid extract per package. This fast absorbing tincture can be used day or night.

. All our products are non-psychoactive, lab tested and derived from 100% industrial pure hemp. Pure Hemp Botanicals utilizes cutting edge extraction technology, producing the highest quality capsules that are backed by laboratory testing.

3rd Party and In-House Lab Tested

We make these products for our loved ones, and you can feel it in the quality of every item. Each and every batch gets tested for purity, potency and safety. Our lab ensures that each item contains less than 0.3% THC, the legal limit, so you can rest assured that our products are non-psychoactive. Pure Hemp Botanicals prides itself on producing the highest quality hemp products available. Each product that is produced by Pure Hemp Botanicals is put through a rigorous testing process ensuring quality of our end product.

*As with all products made from hemp, there is a chance that consuming Pure Hemp Botanicals CBD could trigger a positive drug screening exam. Contact your doctor and/or employer if you are concerned about this issue.*

*Light psychoactive effects can occur for sensitive individuals with full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD formulas when taken in high doses.*