This heat wave may have you searching for ways to cool off!

In addition to being uncomfortable, excessive heat can often lead to more serious conditions such as heat exhaustion. Do you work outdoors, don’t have AC, or are you struggling to keep cool? Here are five ways to cool off quickly in a heat wave.

There are obvious ways to stay cool outdoors, like getting out of the sun as soon as you feel too warm, drinking plenty of water, and fanning yourself off when you get sweaty. But, if you need to sleep or stay focused indoors without AC, then you need to figure out how to keep yourself comfortable.

Here are a few tips to keep you cool and content while you count down the weeks till the cooler weather comes in.

Put Washcloths in the Freezer

Soak a washcloth in water, wring it out, shape it into a “U,” and place it in the freezer. Take out the frozen washcloth and wrap it around your neck. The cooling spreads to the rest of the body and lasts long enough so you can feel comfortable. 

Water Spray Bottle In Fridge

Keep a spray bottle with water in the fridge to mist yourself with when it heats up. Take your spray bottle with you when working outdoors.

Keep It Cool Inside

Fans can help circulate air and make you feel cooler even in an air-conditioned house. Put a bowl of ice in front of the fan to bring the temperature down. Before the hot part of the day hits, close the curtains to keep sunlight out.

Have Iced Drinks on Hand

During a heat wave, it is crucial to drink lots of liquids to stay hydrated and get in those electrolytes! Make some peppermint iced tea, or even better, a Hemp Peppermint Mate iced Tea! The natural menthol content in it is known for its cooling effects that also make us feel more alert.

Cover up Your Skin Outdoors

Wear loose-fitting cotton clothing if you are outside in direct sunlight. Preferably something that covers up your skin and is light in color. Cotton clothing will keep you cooler than many synthetics. Covering up your skin during a heat wave will help protect you from sunburns.

Feeling uncomfortably hot sure does zap your energy, making activities unpleasant. Use these tips to cool off quickly and give yourself some self-care.