Sometimes it seems like planning the vacation, and then confronting the expenses of travel by car or air, adds so much additional work it almost defeats the purpose of the vacation. If you have a pet, it is that much more trouble. You have to make special arrangements whether the pet is coming with you, or staying behind and being cared for, and the expenses that go along with that. But mostly you will be worried about your best friends.

Your pet is going to be most comfortable in the house of a friend or family member that it has often visited, but it is still going to miss you. 

Traveling with Your Dog?

Traveling with pets may seem like a lot of extra planning, but it may be worth it for you, your family, and your pet. Below are some essentials to consider before bringing your dog on a trip. 

1) A crate is required for airplanes, but can also be useful to keep your pet calm when driving. Rambunctious or nervous pets can interfere with driver concentration, too. If the pet is in the crate, both of you may be calmer. Also, the crate keeps the pet from slipping out of the car and running off during pit stops before you can even get the leash snapped on.

2) Leash – Most public places require leashes, especially rest stops and hiking trails.

3) ID – Be sure the pet’s shots are up to date and that it is wearing identification tags.

4) Food and water – yes, just like you, the pet needs their own bottle of water and snacks for the trip.

5) Familiar and new chew toys can help reduce a pet’s stress and boredom.

6) If you have a dog bed and can fit it in the car – perfect! Your pet will be much more comfortable in hotel rooms, too, if it is sleeping on its own bed.

7) Medication and supplements – Be sure to bring Fido’s meds and supplements. You may not know where to find them where you’re going.

8) Consider taking a train because there may be more room for you and your pet, especially if your pet is a service animal. Check the rules for the country and train system you propose to use. You’ll want to walk your dog at every stop.

Can Pure Hemp Botanicals CBD Help on Vacation?

Pets get nervous in strange places. Loud road noises can also upset them. And if you’re traveling to a music festival or fireworks show, expect the dog to be unusually agitated. The pet can also be super-excited and happy to be out with the family for days at a time. CBD can help support a calm mood and balanced behavior. If the dog loses its appetite, the familiar flavor and routine of CBD tinctures may help stimulate appetite. Bring along a bottle of Pure Pet Harmony 300 mg tincture for smaller pets.

If you’re leaving the pet behind, it will miss you, but you can help it feel more at home in strange surroundings. Bring the pet’s dog or cat bed, and leave some Pure Pet Harmony 750 mg tincture with instructions for dosages with your friend or caregiver. A double dose may be helpful for particularly stressful situations. A little extra CBD could induce drowsiness, but that may not be a bad thing, depending on circumstances. 

Pet parents may need a bit of calmness, too, to help them relax and destress. You want to enjoy this vacation, after all! You’ve got your family and pet all settled in, now it’s your turn to relax and chill out. Try some Pure Balance Gummies during the day to take the edge off. Pack a jar.

It’s always hard to sleep nights in hotels: different sounds, your pet circling wakeful and needing to go for walks, road noise or lights. Pure Sleep Gummies can help support a good night’s rest, and they’re available in small sachets with two gummies each which are easy to pop into a purse and carry along. 

One last thing: if you’re headed out on an international vacation, be sure to check laws about CBD in the countries you’ll be traveling to. Laws vary greatly. Be sure you’re allowed to bring CBD to your destination, especially full spectrum CBD products. A better option may be purchasing some CBD after you arrive from a reputable CBD store or pharmacy. That way you’ll know what you’re getting is safe and legal. 

Now get out there and enjoy your vacation!

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