There is a great deal of confusion surrounding the growing of hemp, and that has given it a negative connotation. Hemp is a member of the cannabis family, which immediately renders a connection to marijuana. However, industrial grades of the plant have no psychoactive effects even if consumed and are used for various products including oil, rope, cloth and paper. They are highly beneficial to the human body and used in many beauty products. Hemp has been cultivated for centuries before being banned in the 1900’s due to its relation to Marijuana.
Industrial hemp organizations are working towards the goal of making growing and reselling industrial hemp as simple as growing and selling other products like wheat and corn. If you believe that hemp is a useful and beneficial agricultural commodity, then you can help. Between now and the middle of April, most of our house representatives are working in their home districts. Please call them and ask them to support the industrial hemp farming act, S. 134 or H.B. 525 which would remove hemp from the definition of marijuana. Learn more by visiting Rocky Mountain Hemp Association’s website at or find out how to connect with your State’s representative here.
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