5 Minute Good Mood Morning Exercise Routine

Not a morning person? This 5-minute workout routine will help you jump-start your day in a good mood. Exercise is linked to numerous mental benefits such as improved mood, clearer thinking, it reduces bad cortisol, the stress hormone, relieves anxiousness, and boosts your energy. 

Just a quick 5 minutes of quick moment upon waking can do wonders for your mood and brainpower. Here is a fun morning exercise routine to get you in a good mood that only requires you to move, stretch, shake, and get energized. This combination of stretches and movement is invigorating, helps get your blood pumping and motivation going for a productive day and a good mood.

Good Mood Morning Exercise Routine

Part 1 (In bed stretches)

1.  On your bed lying down on your back reach your arms up towards the ceiling, straightening your legs and pointing your toes. Hold for a few seconds then bring your arms back and extend them over your head stretching out like a plank.

2.  Stay on your back and bring your knees and arms in towards your chest, curving your back. Gently roll side to side.

3.  bring your knees to your chest to stretch for lower back. Pull one leg in towards your chest as far as you can while the other one is bent. Take a few deep breaths then alternate.

4.  Now for a good hamstring stretch, stay on your back and pull one leg towards you and straighten it in the air as far as you can. keep the other leg flat or bent on the bed. Take 3 deep breaths feeling your hamstring lengthen then alternate legs.

5.  Now sit up straight on the edge of your bed with your feet parallel and shoulders back. Clasp your hands in front of your chest and rotate your upper body side to side without moving your hips. Breath deeply through each rotation.

6.  Clasp your hands and extend them out in front of you. Tilt your head to look down slightly and round your back stretching out your shoulders.

Part 2 (On your feet quick pace movement)

7.  Now stand up straight and freely move your arms out and around your body stretching in all directions.

8.  Place your feet hip width apart and clasp your hands above your head, pull to the right and then the left stretching out both sides.

9.  Bend over and get your back flat like a table. Let your arms hang then reach forward more and try to touch the ground.

10. Stand up tall and pull one knee up to your chest then the other, repeat 5 times.

11. Do 10 sets of jumping jacks.

12. Jog in place and throw your arms out in front of you one at a time (air punches) getting movement and flexibility in your shoulders.

13.  Now lower yourself into a squat slowly bringing your hands together in front of your chest. Repeat 5 times.

14.  If you have some small weights or resistance bands go for 10 frontal up-curls and 10 side curls.

15.  Now take 1 minute to lightly shake your whole body starting from fingers to arms shoulders until you get your whole body wiggling and shaking.

16.  Now pause, be still and take in 5 deep breaths. Go start the day in a good mood!

A morning exercise routine will help alleviate stiffness and promote flexibility and comfort. Add some small weights or resistance bands to your morning routine to get those muscles activated. If you have more than 5 minutes, make your morning routine more robust with a fast-paced walk outdoors to get some sunlight and fresh air. Time outdoors helps your body produce vitamin D which regulates your mood and supports a healthy body weight.

Post workout tip: Apply Pure Hemp Botanicals CBD Body Care to areas of you body that could use a little comfort and relief.

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