Hello friends!

We hope you’ve had a wonderful, connected and delicious holiday season!

The New Year is a wonderful time to look at our priorities, especially around health and quality of life. Here are 5 great resolutions to help you feel your best… and none of them involve a treadmill!

  1. Make time for hobbies. When  you make time to explore your unique interests, you slow down and connect with yourself in some important ways. It could be something as simple as a YouTube tutorial on something you enjoy, a walk, a sport, or whatever you enjoy on your own!
  2. Do something that scares you. Facing your fears is an incredible way to build a relationship with yourself. It could be public speaking (try an open mic night!), holding a tarantula or anything else that makes you want to run. When you do it, you’ll feel so much stronger and more connected with yourself. And, who knows? You might even have fun!
  3. Do something you’ve been putting off. Need to go to the dentist? Time to look at your budget? The relief and clarity you’ll feel afterwards will help you start your year right!
  4. Try a food you’ve never had before. Spice up the New Year with new flavors! Trying a new food is a great way to expand your experiences and have some fun! Check out that intriguing fondue shop, get that spicy curry or try that new recipe you saw on Pinterest!
  5. Learn a new skill. Is there a class you’re interested in taking, or something you’d like to know more about? This could be a great time to explore it! Groupon and Livingsocial are great websites for finding inexpensive classes and experiences.

Most of all though, be kind to yourself and to everyone else! We’re all working through our own struggles and challenges, and we could all use a little Compassion in Action… and some helpful hemp!