Do you feel happy in the morning and ready to greet the day with a positive attitude? Or do you dread getting out of bed? Does your mind go right into thinking about all the things you need to get done?

I am sure you know the feeling– I think we have all been there before, and maybe you find yourself there now. If so, it is time to reclaim your morning and focus on being your best self, no matter what obstacles you may face. Waking up with a positive attitude sets the tone for the rest of the day. 

Here are four strategies to help you put your best foot forward and start the day with gratitude, compassion, and a happy heart.

Prepare for the morning the night before

Set yourself up for a smooth morning so you can have peace of mind and feel prepared for the day. Make your morning flow effortlessly by getting your clothes ready, setting the coffee pot on a timer, and finding your keys, so you’re not rushing around when it is time to go.  Whatever your lifestyle looks like, there are many ways you can make your morning peaceful.


Happy morning gratitude practice

This one is so simple yet has such a significant impact on your wellbeing. Spend your first waking moments lying in bed thinking about the things you are truly grateful for. Immerse yourself in the feeling of gratitude for a couple of minutes. Breathe in and out deeply to be completely present in the experience. This helps solidify those happy emotions so you can go about your day with a good attitude. Mindfulness practices are the best natural mood boosters!


Go to sleep happy

That’s right, if you want to wake up happy, make sure you go to bed happy. Clear your mind, release the stress, and if you have a partner or children, make sure to let them know you love them. Refrain from watching the news and eliminate screen time an hour prior to going to sleep. Listen to gentle music, and if you need some extra sleep support, take a serving of Pure Sleep to improve your sleep quality.


Feel pleasure

​​Engage in something you find pleasurable first thing in the morning. That may sound super-obvious, but it’s often overlooked. For me that’s aromatherapy. I apply oils on my wrists and neck as a part of my morning routine. You might enjoy doing some gentle stretches, meditating, or having a cup of coffee.


Give yourself a reason to look forward to starting your day. Being happy is not about what you have or what happens to you, but how you respond to life. Every morning you can make a choice to be positive, act with compassion, and enjoy the little moments.