Whether you’re throwing a holiday party at work, for some friends or for the whole family. Coming up with ideas to keep everyone entertained can be tough! I decided to take some of the research out of it for you and threw together this fun list of ideas to help you get that party started!

To start. The holidays are about compassion, love and giving to others so try to get everyone in the spirit! So starting out with a little giving to those in need is a perfect way to get your party going.

  • Have guests bring a book or stuffed animal to donate to your local Children’s hospital. 
  • Pet lovers? Us too! Have your guests bring bags or cans of pet food. Pet beds or even just treats and donate them to a local shelter or rescue!

Now that everyone is in the spirit. What are they wearing? We’ve all heard the ugly Christmas sweater theme but there are some really fun themes I bet you’ve never seen before!

  • But have you been to a Christmas Character theme?? My favorite so far has been the leg lamp from A Christmas Story. CLASSIC!
  • Who-ville theme is also incredibly fun! Who can bull off Cindy-Lou best?!
  • Holidays around the world is also fun! Dress up according to your heritage and bring something that relates to how the holidays are celebrated there!

Don’t Forget To Feed Everyone!

While catering is always fun. It’s much more fun to share your favorite holiday dishes with each other! Holiday potlucks are the best! Need somee ideas? Check out our awesome holiday e-book here to find fun CBD filled recipes that everyone will love!






How about some games to keep it interesting! Here are some you don’t see every day that really caught my eye!

  • Christmas themed “Who Am I?”: Take classic minute-to-win-it games and add a holiday spin. “Cookie Face” becomes “Gingerbread Face” or holiday décor can be used for “Stack It Up” game. Divide your guests into teams of eight, and enjoy some grown-up competition.
  • Stocking Limbo: Stretch that stocking out and see who can go the lowest!
  • Cookie Decorating Competition: Bake some simple Christmas shaped sugar cookies and have colored frosting, sprinkles and other decorations out for guests to use! Later in the evening have everyone vote for their favorite cookie!
  • Christmas Carol Pictionary: Need I say more? Ok, I will. Each team has to race to get their team to guess different Christmas Carols by drawing them!
  • Reindeer antlers:
    • Teams of 3-4 will compete to finish their antlers the fastest.
    • You will need a pair of panty-hose(larger the better!) and lots of colored balloons.
    • One person on each team wears the hose on their head while the others blow up the balloons.
    • The balloons are stuffed into the legs of the panty-hose.
    • Once they are full enough that they stand up straight with no hand assistance they’ve won!
  • Santas delivery:
    • Provide a bunch of wrapped boxes and gift bags in various sizes with jingle bells inside for fun.
    • Place a card table on both ends of the room. One will be the starting point where the packages will be placed.
    • Select one person to be the hub manager. The hub manager is in charge of keeping count of the number of packages successfully delivered.
    • One by one, team members aka delivery drivers, will pick up as many packages as they can carry and quickly deliver them to the table at the other end of the room. Once there they will put them all down then pick them back up and deliver them back to the first table where the next member of their delivery team will then go.
    • Any packages dropped on the floor must remain on the floor and cannot be retrieved except by the hub manager who will return them to the starting table. As the competition continues, the later players will need to carry more and more packages.
    • The team to deliver the most packages successfully wins.


Don’t forget the props for your holiday-themed PHOTO BOOTH!!

We all know how much fun a photo booth can be and I always love looking back and seeing the memories I made with people I care about!





Last but not least, goodie bags!

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