Self-acceptance is they key to positive change. When you love yourself and know who you are, and what your shortcomings are, you have an honest, clear road ahead for all the ways you’d like to grow.

Yoga is a wonderful way to connect with yourself and get grounded in your body. For me personally, doing yoga at home is a great way to relieve stress, build confidence and trust in my body, and clear my mind of all the mental chatter that goes on through the day. It can be challenging, especially for a beginner like me who isn’t super skillful (and has WAY less cool outfits to work out in than the gal in the video – how cute are those leggings?), but it can also be an opportunity to mark my improvement, and get a good laugh in too, when I inevitably fall over from losing my balance.

Today’s theme is “I Am Worthy” – it’s not about being perfect – it is about loving and accepting yourself, as you are. When we love and accept ourselves as we are, we are at our most open to growing and improving. For me, part of loving myself is encouraging myself to try new things that push me. The more I can accept my shortcomings along with my strengths, the more fun it is to explore new experiences, learn new skills and say yes to life!

I hope you enjoy the video below, and explore some of the movements that she teaches. I’d also suggest some hemp first – I like to start with a Softgel before, and sip some Hemptealicious™ Tea after, to give my body some extra support.

What do you find supportive for feeling your best? We want to hear all about it!

Sometimes we need some extra support. If you ever need to call someone, there are some great groups who are there, waiting to listen and care! Have a look at for a great list of resources for adults and teens.