Radiant CBD Facial Massage Serum & Techniques

Has the cold weather gotten to your skin? Try these radiant CBD facial massage techniques combined with this calming CBD serum to reinvigorate your glow, enhance circulation and promote healthy skin. 

Facial massages are a wonderful way to pamper yourself with some TLC while relieving tension in the muscles and improving lymphatic drainage.

You can give yourself a facial massage next time you wash your face. Always start with a fresh clean face and hands. Apply this radiant moisturizing CBD serum to revitalize your skin, reduce puffiness and moisturize dry patches.


CBD Face Serum

Place the oils in a small dish. Dip your fingertips in the oil so your fingers glide and roll over your skin easily. Now use these massage techniques to work the oils into the skin and stimulate the tissue for a glowing firm complexion.

Get in a comfortable position and massage your face for about 15 minutes or longer using a variety of these methods to soften tension, boost circulation and regenerate your skin.

Facial Massage Techniques

Facial Massage Techniques

Start by sweeping your fingers out from your nose spreading a layer of oil under the eyes.

Apply pressure as you massage over your cheekbones and move upwards towards your temples.

Massage under eyes using a circular motion moving outward and up. 

Glide your thumbs under your cheekbones pushing upwards to massage tight muscles.

Massage the temples in a circular motion applying pressure.

Press your fingers between your brows and slowly slide them up your forehead.

Using your fingers push up towards your hairline.

Repeat this motion across your forehead, gently pulling the skin up and out.

Move down to the chin and cheekbones. Press and glide fingertips from the chin outward and upwards massaging the cheekbones and ears.

Use your thumb and first two fingers to pinch the center of your chin. Pinch the skin as you move toward your ears. Repeat a few times

Using the tips of your fingers, massage the lymph nodes under your ears and along the sides of your neck. Use wide circles, sweeping from under your ears, down toward your throat and back up along your jawline.

Move back up to the eyes and press and glide your ring fingers into your brow bone. Move from the inner to the outer corner. Then do the same movement underneath your eyes.

Using your thumb and first finger, start at the outer corners of your eyebrows. Gently pinch your eyebrows as you move to the inner corner.

Continue pressing and circulating upward and around your facial structure working areas that feel tight.

Finish by gently pinching the fleshy areas of skin then tapping all over the areas of your face. 

Press a warm wash cloth to your face to absorb any excess oils and open the pores to absorb the moisture.


Soak in the benefits of CBD in your skin care routine and the rejuvenating power of facial massage. For beautiful radiant skin, maintain a healthy diet, use clean natural skin care products, work up a sweat often and keep your stress levels in check.