All the restrictions have affected our lives. Staying healthy during these times can be a challenge mentally, emotionally, and physically. We can’t freely go about our business like we used to, and going out with friends is a rare thing now. Working from home and homeschooling the children is all we seem to have, and many of us are feeling isolated. Life can get lonely or depressing, and it’s easy to forget about the simple things that keep us healthy.

Take care of yourself

Love you…. When you take better care of yourself, you feel better, pretty simple.

Eat right make sure you get all the colors of the rainbow in your diet regularly. Fruits and veggies are full of vitamins and minerals that are essential to cellular health and boosting your immune system. A balanced diet low in prepared foods can be a simple way to stay healthy.

Stay hydrated – get liquids in your body throughout the working day. We get busy and distracted and can easily forget to drink water; plus many people just don’t like plain water. Keeping our bodies hydrated is a major key to overall health. Some options to quench your thirst are fruited water, flavored sparkling water, teas, or sports drinks. 

Try to avoid really sugary drinks in large doses, since they can increase dehydration and have proven to be detrimental to many American’s health. 

Stay active – there is a direct correlation between physical activity and mental health. Our normal ways may be compromised right now, but that doesn’t mean we have to eliminate activities from our daily routine. There are still many ways to keep moving and get fit.  

Try walking or running outside when the weather is kind. Otherwise, there are tons of great online workouts and yoga videos to check out if you prefer to stay in the house. 

Currently, a lot of gyms are hosting online classes (some for free) to do in the home. Check with your local gym and see if this is an option. 

Find your calm – remember to take some time each day to chill out. This will help to ease the toll daily stress takes on your body and your mind. Try a relaxing cup of Hemptealicious™ or a daily dose of CBD to calm your self. 


We can still connect to the world we had, we just have to be creative and find new ways to do it! 

Stay in touch….Try handwriting letters to family that is far away, or the beloved elder stuck in a nursing home. Maybe host a video chat with your siblings or keep the little people in touch through a virtual playdate.

Use your social media and reach out to the world to share some of your boredom-killing tactics. Show the world what you have been doing for fun. Learn a new dance or start playing an instrument and broadcast your progress to friends.

If you are a foodie, you might demonstrate what you are making for dinner tonight; or recommend a favorite restaurant and boost your local economy at the same time. Another option is to start an old-fashioned recipe exchange and share pictures of your finished work.

If you craft, challenge your friends to a friendly competition and see who is the best at the same project. Maybe you are into home improvement and are proud of your accomplishments – regardless let people know you are still alive and well. 

Be Patient

Above all else, for your sanity, practice patience with your own self and others in your life.  Try to be understanding through all these temporary measures, we are all in this together.

As a community, we need to avoid the spreading of germs, so try to stay distanced. But, we can still find joy in the life we have and do our best to stay healthy during these uncertain times. 


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