Drinking tea has wonderful benefits for your wellbeing. Taking the time to make tea is a calming experience, simple but significant. When you carve out a moment in your busy life to drink tea, you have to slow down; it is the nature of the process – patience. 

Some studies have found benefits to drinking tea regularly, which can boost your immune system, lower blood pressure, relieve stress, and relax the body.

Our delicious, whole-hemp teas are made from delicate, young hemp plant leaves hand-picked by our greenhouse gardeners, dried in Colorado’s fresh air and sunshine, and professionally blended with organic herbs and spices in six delicious flavors.

We care about our teas and thrive on delivering our customers the best cup of relaxation we can. 

The tea itself matters – individual phytonutrients and the quality of herbs determine the health advantages you can receive from your tea time. The natural components in hemp tea, for example, can have significant relaxing effects, helping to relieve stress and tension.

Hemp is naturally high in micronutrients like minerals, omega fatty acids, and a few key vitamins (C, E, Bs). All of which are beneficial to supporting the cardiovascular system, immune response, joints, and brain health, contributing to your overall wellness.

Relax and nutrify your body and soul by taking time for yourself. Make a cup of delicious hemp tea and let the warmth and comfort bring you peace. You can use your tea time as a mindfulness practice, breathing deep and letting go of things that you don’t want to carry on into your day. Your tea time is a great time to reset yourself and have me time. 

The origin of having tea or sharing tea time with others has beautiful historical significance. 

These values have carried over into our modern world. By taking time to ritualize your tea time or sharing tea with others, you can take the opportunity to create more peace in your life and spread peace to others. Traditionally, tea is served to guests to welcome them into your home, as a gesture of friendship. Tea ceremonies or traditions throughout the world differ, but all have the same sentiment – community, wellness, and peace. 

Tap into the tradition of serving tea in your own way – have a ceremony about your preparation, or make it a special occasion, with intention. Connect with your hemp tea and the plant properties in your cup. Serve tea when friends and family are around and enjoy the slow, thoughtful moments when you can.




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